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Meeting al ZILS Conference: Letf to Right on stage Gonçalo Eiras, Norman Albi, Olivier Labbe, Alberto Passos. On screen Afonso Salema, Enrico Banfi and Philippe Dumont.

EllaLink, the state-of-the-art optical fibre submarine cable that connects Europe with Latin America, partnered with the recently founded Sines Tech to support the organization of the conference "Meetings at ZILS: Sines Tech, EU-Atlantic Data Gateway Platform" that happened in Sines..

The first part of the programme included a round table discussion on "Regulation and National Licensing" with the presence of distinctive entities that form part of the working group for streamlining procedures and bureaucracies for projects in these areas, key aspects for the competitive positioning of Portugal. Participants include Augusto Fragoso, Director-General of Information and Innovation at ANACOM; José Manuel Marques, Portuguese Directorate-General of Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services; and Nuno Lacasta, Chair of the Portuguese Environment Agency.

A major conclusion on this panel is the fact that promoters that now wish to land a new cable in Sines or start any other investment withing the Sines Tech environment, will encounter an ease structure and process. All Panellists attending were even in mentioning the importance of working with promoters form day-0 to know their expectations and to be able to offer the best reply.

Olivier Labbe reinforced that “Sines has is all: green power potential - with an enormous solar exposition; and the water colling availability due to the proximity of the ocean”

Also participating is START Campus (Afonso Salema, CEO), which is currently preparing the ground for the construction of the first mega data centre building in Sines, a project that will employ some 1,200 people.

When asked how he envisions the Sines technology hub ten years from now, Dumont said the trend is to see replicated in Portugal the same concentration of technology companies that exist today on the east coast of the United States, namely in Ashburn, which is home to approximately 100 data centers. "Sines should attract other investments in fiber optic cables and datacenters aimed at the European market," he said.

Sines Tech offers a competitive location for the development of this ecosystem for tech companies: a high-voltage electricity grid; renewable energy; water reservoirs (for cooling); the connectivity of the deep water port (for the mooring of data cables from anywhere in the world); communication routes, geographical location and safety.

This Conference was organised under the Invest in Alentejo programme, led by ADRAL – Alentejo Regional Development Agency, and co-funded by Alentejo 2020. he Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone (ZILS) is the largest business hosting area in Portugal and is managed by aicep Global Parques - Gestão de Áreas Empresariais e Serviços S. A., which also promoted this event.


11:30 - Welcome
Filipe Costa, CEO of aicep Global Parques and non-Executive Board Member of ADRAL
11:35 - Keynote
Hugo Santos Mendes, Secretary of Communications at the Ministry of Infrastructure

12:00 - Panel #1 “Portuguese Regulation and Licensing”

Moderator: Teresa Ribeiro, aicep Global Parques
Augusto Fragoso, Portuguese Telecom NRA (ANACOM) DG Information and Innovation
José carlos Simão, Portuguese DG Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services
Nuno Lacasta, Chair of the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA)

12:30 - Networking Lunch

14:45 Panel #2 “Sines CLSs & DCs ecosystem”

Moderator: Gonçalo Eiras, aicep Global Parques
Afonso Salema, CEO of START - Sines Transatlantic Renewable & Technology Campus
Alberto Passos, Telecom Business Diretor at IP Telecom
Enrico Banfi, Alcatel Submarine Networks VP EMEA & APAC
Norman Albi, CEO of Medusa Submarine Cable System
Olivier Labbe, General Manager of CAP DC
Philippe Dumont, CEO of EllaLink

15:45 Closing remarks
Eurico Brilhante Dias, Secretary of Internationalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

16:00 - End Coffee & Networking

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