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Bringing connectivity to isolated regions of the world
“Thanks to the hard work of the Cabo Verde Telecom teams, the Government involvement and the European Bank of Investment support, this project is now a reality, and Praia is now connected directly
Going live in Cape Verde
On June the 6th, 2022, the EllaLink international submarine cable in Praia, Cape Verde, went live. This event comes as the culmination of a project that was born in 2018, when Cape Verde Telecom
Sines to Lisbon: The new submarine cable by EllaLink
EllaLink cable connects Europe to South America from Portugal to Brazil. This connection makes it expectable that both regions will benefit from the cable. Companies on both cable end benefi
Sines: the (huge) potential to become a world reference technological hub
Sines is the "Hidden Gem of Connectivity", says Deloitte. EllaLink is already there with its submarine cable, contributing to the region becoming the new "Ashburn". Portugal has all the cond
Six reasons why EllaLink new route is a game changer
It is all about the route Since the deployment of the very first submarine cable system, the Atlantic has been a challenging and competitive market to operate in. The ingenuity and foresight
LATAM x Europe low-latency online games now possible thanks to EllaLink
World e-Sports championships will be even more competitive with millions of Brazilians from across the Atlantic.  Approximately 85 million Brazilian online gamers are rejoicing with the openi
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Ambassador of Portugal in Brazil visits EllaLink Cable Landing Station in Fortaleza
The EllaLink Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Fortaleza received the visit of the Portuguese delegation led by the Ambassador of Portugal in Brazil, Luís Faro Ramos. Ambassador of Portugal in Brazi
EllaLink and BSO together to improve network infrastrure performance of Oil & Gas companies
EllaLink and BSO together to improve network infrastruture of Oil&Gas companies EllaLink and BSO offer a high-performance, resilient, secure and available solution EllaLink is an optical pl
Cooperation agreement with GlobeNet expands EllaLink’s international network in Fortaleza
EllaLink is announcing a new PoP (Point of Presence) in GlobeNet, allowing simplified customer access in both infrastructures. With this, Brazilian customers of GlobeNet will be able to use th
Now interconnecting Brazil and Southern Europe: EllaLink and DE-CIX announce strategic partnership
EllaLink cable route EllaLink, the high-capacity and low latency fibre-optic submarine cable directly connecting Latin America and Europe, has taken another step towards creating a new and rob
EllaLink cable will facilitate sending data from the European Union Particle Accelerator to Brazilian scientists
Brazilian researchers celebrate the country's entry into the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which develops the world's largest scientific project, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC);

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