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Data Centre Tiers – All there is to know
Ever heard of TIER 1, 2, 3 or 4 Data Centers? Have you stopped to think about what it means? Data centre certifications are ways to attest that these facilities meet the minimum requirements
The Olisipo Submarine Cable System
Enhancing Connectivity Unlocking the Hub Potential of Sines In today's interconnected world, reliable and efficient communication infrastructure is vital for economic growth and social development
What about submarine cable?
Oceanic data transmission is made possible through submarine cables, which link continents and are essential for international communications. In this post, we'll delve into the installation, ope
Sines: the new gateway from Latin America to Europe
The Peninsula is becoming an alternative interconnection between Europe and other continents. As a result, the new gateway is gaining weight, and Sines is the key pieces. The Iberian Peninsula is
EllaLink brings the revolution to the digital landscape?
Is EllaLink bringing the revolution to the digital landscape? The answer is easy to find: EllaLink offers the Best Latency in a Unique and Disruptive Route EllaLink revolutionizing the digital
Subsea cables and data centres: two sides of the same coin
Submarine cables have everything to win to be placed closed to Data Centres, including hyperscalers that power the cloud. Submarine cable connections will gain importance in 2023. Software-def
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aicep Global Parques, EllaLink and Start Campus cooperate making Sines the new Atlantic Hub – a  safe, neutral, resilient and easy place to land and operate submarine cables
aicep Global Parques, EllaLink and Start Campus, the company responsible for the SINES hyperscale sustainable data centre,  are working together to create the Sines 'Atlantic Hub', enhancing con
­­NEW: EllaLink announces strategic restructuring
Restructuring expected to streamline processes to better respond to both capacity and infrastructure growing market demand. Vincent Gatineau appointed Senior Vice-President of Subsea Infrastructu
NEW: EllaLink and EXA Infrastructure partner to offer diverse transatlantic capacity from South America to Europe
New map from EllaLink and EXA Infrastructures EllaLink, the high-capacity fibre-optic submarine cable directly connecting Europe with South America, and EXA Infrastructure, the largest dedicated
Olisipo – the new EllaLink’s Petabits subsea cable connecting Sines and Lisbon
Olisipo is a 4.3 Petabits subsea cable that will strengthen Portugal's data centre ecosystem and the country's position as the #1 Gateway to South Europe EllaLink, the high-capacity and low la
Ambassador of Portugal in Brazil visits EllaLink Cable Landing Station in Fortaleza
The EllaLink (CLS) Cable Landing Station in Fortaleza received the visit of the Portuguese delegation led by the Ambassador of Portugal in Brazil, Luís Faro Ramos. Ambassador of Portugal in Braz

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