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Submarine cables are the backbone of today’s Internet
In our globalized and interconnected world, around 99% of all exchanges of data are enabled by fiber optic submarine cable systems. This critical infrastructure forms the backbone of the Internet
EllaLink shortlisted for Global Carrier Awards 2021
This year EllaLink has been shortlisted for two categories at Global Carrier Awards: Best subsea innovation and Best marketing campaign. The submission for Best subsea innovation aims at achieving
Fibre-optic cables: the present and future of digital technology
Responsible for 99% of the data and voice traffic that circulates on the internet, these fibre cables - like the one recently inaugurated by EllaLink, the first high-capacity cable to connect Br
EU Brazil Conference on digital economy and innovation
Philippe Dumont, EllaLink’s CEO, recently attended the 2nd EU-Brazil conference on digital economy and innovation, an event focused on the most important issues concerning the European Union (
Subsea telecommunications cables: A driver for scientific research
The EllaLink GeoLab is a new technical and collaborative initiative to unite the scientific and telecoms communities for the greater good. The importance of climate monitoring and disaster mitigation
EllaLink “Best Subsea Project of the Year”.
EllaLink won a Global Carrier Award for “Best Subsea Project of the Year”. For the second consecutive year EllaLink has won a Global Carrier Award in the illustrious category of “Best Subsea
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Sines geographic importance within the scope of the EU and Global Digital Transition boosted with EllaLink
Meeting al ZILS Conference: Letf to Right on stage Gonçalo Eiras, Norman Albi, Olivier Labbe, Alberto Passos. On screen Afonso Salema, Enrico Banfi and Philippe Dumont. EllaLink, the state-of-the
Sines Tech – Innovation Data Center Hub the creation of a digital transition infrastructure ecosystem in Sines
Sines Tech - Innovation & Data Center Hub Community was established by a protocol signed December 15th between several public and private entities committed to the creation of a digital ecosy
EllaLink relies on SATEC for implementing the IMS from VC4 and setting up the operation
Satec Group has designed a first-class architecture composed by best-of-breed solutions to support operations in EllaLink.This Operations Support System (OSS) platform will offer the best customer ex
EllaLink fecha parceria com a IP Telecom para oferecer acesso ao conteúdo da Europa a empresas brasileiras
Objetivo é aproveitar os hubs de conexão da EllaLink para que a IP Telecom viabilize essa extensão para empresas clientes no Brasil, por meio de um modelo de negócios B2B A EllaLink, que o
Start Campus and EllaLink establish partnership to strengthen connectivity between Europe, South America and Africa
Agreement between Start Campus and EllaLink to strengthen Portuguese international connectivity between the future Hyperscale data center and Latin America, Europe and Africa through the submarine ca

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