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Offering unparalleled diversity and latency in the Atlantic market


EllaLink is a carrier neutral & open-access provider. We are a perfect partner for a telecoms operator looking to improve their existing customer’s connectivity experience and to create a new range of products and solutions in their portfolio.

The EllaLink network has been specifically designed to address the increasing demand for a new low latency route between Europe and Latin America. Creating a direct data corridor between the two continents and onwards to Africa, the Middle East and Asia is our primary goal.

With open access at key interconnection points in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Madrid and Marseille, EllaLink has selected strategic data center partners whilst maintaining neutrality for our customers.

Uptime is crucial for today’s internet users and the EllaLink network has diversity built-in throughout, from our submarine cable route to our terrestrial paths, from building entry points right down to physical cabling.

At a time of constant change, bringing you a reliable high-speed connection between Europe and Latin America is at the heart of all EllaLink solutions.

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EllaLink offers industry leading solutions connecting Latin America and Europe in terms of Latency and Diversity from existing submarine infrastructure.

Diversity requirements & reducing the risk of traffic loss in your network

When the term diversity is used with respect to telecommunication systems it relates to independence and separation. We need diversity in telecoms networks to minimise the impact of faults and to reduce outage periods during system failures or maintenance activities. For example, diverse subsea cable routes are ones which take a different route along the seabed, diverse landings are those which come into different beaches or another part of the beach into a separate manhole. This paper seeks to review the diversity requirements in modern submarine cable systems and discusses how increased diversity can be built into new telecoms networks.

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