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Bringing connectivity to isolated regions of the world


Thanks to the hard work of the Cabo Verde Telecom teams, the Government involvement and the European Bank of Investment support, this project is now a reality, and Praia is now connected directly and neutrally to Brazil and Europe.” words of Vincent Gatineau during Cape Verde cable connection’s inauguration, a huge step in EllaLink’s goal to expand connectivity.

Cable landing in Cape Verde, 2021

Going Live in Cape Verde

The EllaLink cable in Cape Verde has now become operational, representing a “significant” step for communications in the archipelago, says João Domingos Correia, chairman of CV Telecom board of Directors: “it has got a greater capacity than all existing cables and will secure communication and connection of Cabo Verde to the world, which does not currently exist. As I am speaking, we only have a single cable, and should there be any problem, we would simultaneously be disconnected from the rest of the world and be unable to communicate at the internal scale”.

The EllaLink cable will indeed be a game-changer in more than one way for Cape Verde, and has for instance contributed to making Cape Verde “ECOWAS’s second better ecosystem for technological start-ups” in 2022.

Yet, why is the EllaLink cable best suited to secure connectivity to rather isolated regions of the world?

Immediate benefits from the EllaLink cable’s connectivity

Nowadays, submarine cables are known as “the backbone of today’s Internet” and remain more reliable than satellites, while possessing a much larger capacity, which is why they constitute the most efficient and secure means to ensure connectivity for islands.

Thus, the number of submarine cables built for islands is vastly increasing across the world and, in the Atlantic area, EllaLink’s unique route is the most efficient.

Indeed, it offers the lowest latency available on the market, as well as great capacity and bandwidth.

Besides, the cost of connections is usually particularly high in these isolated areas. EllaLink’s cable allows a substantial reduction in the cost of connections, as in the case of Madeira.

This benefited operators and enabled them to provide better conditions to the citizens of Madeira and Porto Santo .

The support we offer at EllaLink is fundamental. It is highly important for us to make a priority out of the specific needs of each partner, and to work hand in hand with them on the spot.

Furthermore, the installation of the EllaLink cable benefits various fields such as education, research or healthcare.

Bringing islands forward

As these regions of the world develop businesses and invest in innovation, EllaLink will help them by providing a faster connection to Europe and South America.

That will help increase both their efficiency and attractiveness for investments and new workers.

Indeed, the cutting-edge technology the EllaLink cable offers has attracted a lot of attention and contributed in bringing to light the attractiveness of Madeira.

Moreover, the EllaLink GeoLab has brought visibility and will bring the island and the oceans forward, as new centres of research and innovation.

The broader picture: Environmental concerns

Environmental challenges are a part of EllaLink’s strategy, working hand in hand with its partners to meet the environmental goals.

It has now become indisputable that climatic issues command our full attention and EllaLink engages in this process of sustainability.

Connectivity: A question of equality and diversity

As "outermost regions of Europe", these islands face challenges other areas do not know, notably extra costs for goods and services or “constraints on economic and social integration with other national and EU territories”. Moreover, these outermost regions of Europe often have to cope with “a lack of critical mass for certain economic, financial or scientific projects”, in the words of the European Parliament. These areas should be able to benefit from a secure connectivity, allowing them to be competitive and to have their proper place in the European and global markets. The installation of the EllaLink cable is an opportunity to shed light on the improvements that need to be made in terms of connectivity of more isolated regions of the world and has helped, in the case of Madeira for instance, “place this whole issue on the political agenda”.

A multi-faceted progress


At the moment, telecom operators are confronted to prices that are particularly high in those isolated regions, which usually translates in lack of concurrency on the market of telecoms.

Because of that, customers end up facing offers that are, correspondingly, especially high. This immediately results in an access to connectivity that may be complicated and even tenuous for islands’ inhabitants. However, with a decrease of the operators’ costs allowed by more sovereignty over the transatlantic connection, thanks to the EllaLink cable, islands will attend an increase of competitiveness.

More importantly, this will reduce the costs for the local populations, making a tremendous change in the access to connectivity.

EllaLink cable’s unique characteristics will secure connectivity for these isolated regions such as Cabo Verde.

We at EllaLink look forward to it playing a key role in allowing them to stimulate progress, a progress that will simultaneously be scientific, economic, environmental and social. This landing is an important step for today and, undoubtedly, for tomorrow.

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