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Geolab: Colaborative innovation

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    Subsea telecoms cables:
    A driver for scientific research
    Cable laying ship in the ocean
    Cable lying ship

    A collaborative innovation that uses subsea telecoms infrastructures to help scientists in their
    understanding of our planet.

    In this whitepaper we report Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) measurements on a 41.5 km-long telecom cable that is deployed offshore Toulon, France.

    We also confirm the great opportunit 2021 offers for the global scientific community with the establishment of a new cable system by EllaLink.

    Download this whitepaper to understand the possibilities about what could be done once a number of outstanding points are resolved.

    Our partner GÉANT issues this paper to stimulate debate and discussion on what could be achieved in the field of Science Monitoring and Reliable Telecommunications (SMART) submarine cable systems.

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