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BSO and EllaLink have strengthened their partnership to address the most demanding verticals in terms of connectivity, in particular players specialised in the media and gaming sectors.

BSO and EllaLink’s partnership was born in 2021 and built around the common wish to develop the financial markets between Europe and Latin America. The low latency services offered by this partnership are indeed very relevant for these markets. However, this is not the only field that can significantly benefit from our services. 

BSO has been collaborating with media and gaming companies for nearly 20 years and we at EllaLink have also acquired a knowledge of what they need thanks to our partnerships, notably with NoPing, for instance.

To meet the requirements of the media and eSports industry, EllaLink, together with BSO, can offer a high quality service in terms of Latency, Resilience and Diversity.

When it comes to gaming and media businesses, those three words should be seen as the three pillars to deliver customers (or users) the highest quality experience. 


Latency can probably be identified as the number one challenge when it comes to this sector. Indeed, gaming and new media platforms (streaming, live...) are linked to the real-time interactive experience.

This means, as explained by NoPing's CTO Marcos Kenickel Vasconcelos, that latency makes the difference between winning or losing the game

BSO and EllaLink are strategic partners aiming at putting in place the necessary ultra-low latency connectivity and infrastructure to enable trading firms from around the world to access the Latin American exchange, and to capitalise on the opportunities that it offers.

The EllaLink new optic fibre submarine cable is offering the lowest latency in the whole market.

Whereas it usually takes longer than 200ms to make the connection from Brazil to Europe, it takes even less than 120ms through our cable. 

“EllaLink is a game changer for the gamers. By reducing the latency by half between Europe and Latin America, we drastically improve the gaming experience”.

This is why our cable is currently recognised as the one that offers the best to professional gamers.


Latency may be the most critical issue for media and gaming companies. Nevertheless, it is not the only one.

The connectivity should not only be fast, but it should be stable too. A remarkable resilience can be achieved through the EllaLink optic fibre subsea cable.

This state-of-the-art submarine cable has a robust protective cover that offers additional security against eventual shark attacks or natural disasters.

But yes, subsea cables offer a significant capacity to maintain their data transit activity even in cases of disruption for their capacity to immediately re-routing the traffic via spare capacity on other submarine, cables and cable repair operations that are fast and reliable. (source:

BSO’s use of remote peering also helps secure connectivity by allowing the most direct content exchanges between networks. In addition, BSO and EllaLink have focused on resilience, which is critical in gaming and media platforms.


EllaLink reinforces the diversity of the internet backbone.

Its unique route directly connects Europe and Latin America. EllaLink has drawn a genuinely alternative route, bypassing the traditional way from North America. And with this, maths are on the side: cutting the distance cuts the latency!

It allows gamers, not just from Brazil or Europe, to compete as professionals or for fun without delays with an impressive gamer experience quality speed. The fundamental gaming skills become the real differentiation, not the location anymore!

With the EllaLink subsea cable, gaming and media will be shared, viewed and made available more broadly, which is a significant leap for us.

The reason why this diversity is so important is also that the 3 of these pillars are somewhat interdependent.

The diversity of our route ensures its resilience and allows us to have a latency that is half as big as what is offered on the market.

Combined, Low-latency, Resilience and Diversity are what allow us to offer gaming and media companies the capacity and performance they need to deliver a quality experience to their customers.

For additional reading on the EllaLink-BSO partnership, follow the link

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