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Cooperation agreement with GlobeNet expands EllaLink’s international network in Fortaleza


EllaLink is announcing a new PoP (Point of Presence) in GlobeNet, allowing simplified customer access in both infrastructures.

With this, Brazilian customers of GlobeNet will be able to use the EllaLink cable - which stretches 6 thousand km under the waters of the Atlantic, between Fortaleza (Ceará) and Sines (Portugal) - to access the ecosystem of service content providers and Internet Exchange Points (IXs) in Europe. Similarly, European companies will be able to use the EllaLink cable to access GlobeNet's network.

The two companies offer robust differentiators for international bulk data traffic, a requirement of the modern digital market. The EllaLink cable, for example, guarantees an ultra-high-speed connection (up to 100 terabits per second), benefiting the performance of digital business, cloud services, e-banking, online gaming, and entertainment media on both sides of the Atlantic.

GlobeNet, meanwhile, offers connectivity with direct low-latency routes and advanced IT infrastructure in its CLSs and Data Centers, through a submarine cable network that covers more than 26.000 km, passing through Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Bermuda, Venezuela and the USA

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