EllaLink won the GCA Award for Best Subsea Project of the Year

EllaLink won a Global Carrier Award for “Best Subsea Project of the Year”.

Dublin, Ireland – 23rd October, 2020 For the second consecutive year EllaLink has won a Global Carrier Award in the illustrious category of “Best Subsea Project of the Year”. The ceremony, which was held virtually, took place as part of the Capacity Europe 2020 conference. This much coveted award demonstrates true recognition of EllaLink’s success from industry leaders, peers, and the market at large.

“EllaLink is honoured and proud to receive this award. It would not have been possible without its partners and team members who greatly helped to develop the project and achieve this goal,” expressed Vincent Gatineau, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of EllaLink.

EllaLink was created upon the idea that a direct route between Europe and Latin America was needed, to improve the diversity of the global cable network. The EllaLink network has been designed to provide this diversity and will offer a 50% lower latency between Europe and Brazil, connecting the two continents is less than 60ms RTD. For the first time ever, an infrastructure will provide data centre to data centre connection on major POPs, from Madrid to Fortaleza, passing by Lisboa, Marseille, Sines, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

This revolutionary route EllaLink is creating will change how content providers, cloud connections and IT infrastructures operate and deliver their services, by speeding up all their activities.

EllaLink is proud to announce that the cable has been fully manufactured and the marine programme will shortly commence. Another major step has been made, as the construction of the Cable Landing Station located in Sines is now over, and the infrastructure is fully operational. By dint of all the progress made, EllaLink will be Ready for Service in Spring 2021.

The main factors that led the jury of select industry experts to award EllaLink are:

  • Creation of a new diverse route connecting Latin America and Europe;
  • Provision of the first low latency coherent network between these two continents;
  • New secured landing in Sines, avoiding other congested areas in Portugal and creating a new cable landing station in a site ideal for data centre expansion;
  • Openness and neutrality working in close partnerships with clients; and
  • Openness to onward connectivity between Asia and Latin America thanks to the choice of providing secure and diverse routes to Marseille.
EllaLink won a Global Carrier Award for "Best Subsea Project of the Year".

About EllaLink

EllaLink is an advanced optical platform offering secure high capacity connectivity on a unique low latency transatlantic route serving the growing needs of the Latin American and European markets. The EllaLink network directly connects Brazil and Europe, linking the major hubs of São Paulo and Fortaleza with Lisbon, Madrid and Marseille.

The EllaLink System is being built with state-of-the-art coherent technology initially offering 72Tbps of capacity over four direct fibre pairs between Europe and Brazil. The landing sites in Fortaleza (Brazil) and Sines (Portugal) have been secured and EllaLink is scheduled to be Ready for Service in Q1 2021. EllaLink is a privately funded and independent company committed to providing products and services on a Carrier Neutral and Open Access basis. Marguerite II, a pan-European equity fund active in the renewables, energy, transport and digital infrastructure sectors, is the main shareholder of EllaLink. For more information visit ella.link